Frequently Asked Questions

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Does kit include the cloth strips?

No. This wax kit doesn't use cloth. It is a hard wax. Meaning the wax hardens as it cools. You just peel off the wax once it is cool and hard.

Will this machine work in an EU country (220 system)?

Don't think so - looks like it's a 110 system only

Where is this product made ? Brazil ? Usa ? Chinese ?

Our warmers are designed in US and assembled in China. Our wax is made in Italy and China (Italian ingredients)

Is the smell from the beans strong?

No, our wax beans have slight lavender scent

Are you supposed to rub in the pre-wax spray or just spray and let it dry?

We suggest to spray it clean with the clean napkin

Can I use any wax in this machine?

Yes, our wax machines are suitable for all types of waxes

What are the ingredients in the after wax oil and wax beans?

Pre waxing : alcohol water, peg7 glycerol, hamamelis extract, polysorbite-20 essence , methylisothiazolone, edta disodium

After wax: light mineral oil, lavender oil, tocopheryl acetate, vitamin e

The ingredients of hard wax beans are: rosin,paraffin waxes,lavender perfume

How do you clean it?

Usually we suggest to heat the warmer, take the napkin , put it on the applicator, and clean the warmer

Does you waxing kit come with the waxing strips?

No it does not and you do not need them because it does not require strips.

Does the waxer turn off when it reaches a certain temperature? Or continues to hold the temperature?

When the warmer reaches the temperature it turns off, after the temperature goes down it switches on and reaches it again.

Can i put a "can" of wax in this, or does the wax have to be beads?

You can use it both ways.

Can we use it to wax ears?

Yes, it's a great wax!

Can I use wax strip with this?

You don't need to use wax strips for the procedure

Can you use this on your face?


Do you have to dump unused wax, or can you leave it until the next time?

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your question.

You can leave the wax until next time if the same person or you will add the same wax

Can this be used for nose and ear hair?

It works on all hair anywhere.

Can I use this wax for a Brazilian wax?

Yes, you can use it for Brazilian waxing

How often should I use this product?

We suggest to check you hair growth, as per experience we suggest to wax not often then once per 2-3 weeks

Can I go to the beach or swim right after my Brazilian waxing service?

No exposure to sun or tanning for up to 48 hours as skin tends to be more sensitive.

Can I take a shower after my waxing session?

No hot baths for the reminder of the day as hot water can sip into open hair follicle and cause irritation

Can waxing cause bumps, ingrown hairs or irritation?

If waxing is performed using poor technique hairs can break off and cause irritation or ingrown hairs. GIGI offers full treatment products to prepare the skin prior to waxing and soothe the skin post-wax, alleviating any type of discomfort or irritation. Also, try GIGI No Bump to resume ingrown hair and exfoliate skin

What areas can you wax, and which areas can you not wax?

Women: face, arms and hands, chest and back, torso, bikini, legs and feet

Men: face (not beard), arms and hands, chest and back, torso, mankini, legs and feet

Never wax: inside ears, genital area, over nipples, moles or warts, over irritated, cut or broken skin and over recent scar tissue.

Why isn't the hair being removed when I wax?

There are a few reasons for this problem:

The hair was not long enough. Hair needs to be at least a quarter of an inch for proper hair removal.

The wax pulled too slowly or in the wrong direction. Apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth; rub firmly in same direction 3-4 times. Pull the surrounding skin taut and pull the strip against the skin in the opposite direction.

Skin was not properly prepped. It is essential to prepare the skin for waxing. First use a cleanser to remove any oil, make-up or perspiration from the skin surface.

Can I use baby oil instead of the pre-epilating oil for waxing service?

Yes, baby oil will also work for this waxing procedure

What is the best temperature range for once the wax is heated?

It takes about 30 minutes to melt it completely on high settings on your warmer. This also varies by warmer and how cold your waxing room is. When wax melts it changes color and texture so easily you can tell that it's melting. You can also test temperature of the wax on your inner wrist before you start to ensure it is not too hot.

Does hard wax work for men in terms of intimate waxing, or is it a female only product?

Yes Hard wax can be used on both female and male bikini area. The male Brazilian service often called mankini and it is becoming frequently available in spa menus.

How do I clean my legs after waxing? Water or lotion?

After waxing remove waxy residue from the skin with the after waxing lotion This will help reduce redness and irritation.

Are these brands beads available on Amazon?

Yes, We sell our products exclusively on Amazon US

The description says 5 wax bead bags and mine came with 2. Is there a way to message the seller?

Please check inside the warmer. If you don't find them , please contact us immediately

My kit didn't include directions. Where can I download it?

Please use links below to download our pdf manuals.

I am 100 customer , what should I do?

Please scan your QR code, follow our FB messenger page and get your prize.

Does it has warranty?

Yes , we provide 6 month warranty for waxing kit

Do you sell your products wholesale?

Please send an email to

How long does it take to ship the goods?

With Amazon Prime shipping service you can get your kit within 2-3 days

I purchased the product from a 3rd party seller (not BellaVerde official store). Am I eligible for promotions from BellaVerde?

BellaVerde sells exclusively on Amazon US. All our offers, promotions , limited editions are available only for Amazon US customers.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, our products are eligible for international shipping.

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