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Let your skin be the smoothest with Bella Verde!

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Take Care of Your Skin


Our waxes are made of natural ingredients and can be applied to all types of skin. It plays the key role in keeping sensitive skin clear and minimizing allergic reactions. Besides their main function, our waxes deeply hydrate the skin while neutralizing blisters and inflammatory breakouts.


Save Your Time

Let Your Skin Be Smooth for Longer

When life is busy, making time every couple of days to shave as part of your beauty regime can be difficult. Waxing pulls the hair out from its root so it has to completely re-grow, giving you weeks of that smooth silky feeling.

Waxing every 4-5 weeks saves you a lot of time in life. We think time is money. Waxing definitely saves you a lot more time than shaving, so you can spend it profitably.

Bella Verde
Does kit include the cloth strips?

No. This wax kit doesn't use cloth. It is a hard wax. Meaning the wax hardens as it cools. You just peel off the wax once it is cool and hard.

Will this machine work in an EU country (220 system)?

Don't think so - looks like it's a 110 system only

Where is this product made ? Brazil ? Usa ? Chinese ?

Our warmers are designed in US and assembled in China. Our wax is made in Italy and China (Italian ingredients)

Can we use it to wax ears?

Yes, it's a great wax!

Can I use wax strip with this?

You don't need to use wax strips for the procedure

Can you use this on your face?


Are these brands beads available on Amazon?

Yes, We sell our products exclusively on Amazon US

The description says 5 wax bead bags and mine came with 2. Is there a way to message the seller?

Please check inside the warmer. If you don't find them , please contact us immediately

My kit didn't include directions. Where can I download it?

Please use links below to download our pdf manuals.