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Waxing Applicators

Bella Verde's waxing applicator sticks and strips come in a pack of 400 pieces for multiple long-lasting uses. What is an applicator stick? An applicator stick is a tool that looks like a tongue depressor or spatula used to apply wax for the removal of unwanted hair from the skin. It can be used on parts of the body like the eyebrows, lips, armpits, hands, legs, and bikini area. 

While a waxing strip is used to remove wax and the waxed hair from the body. It is usually used alongside the wax applicator strip.

They give you soft and hairless body parts for your everyday look or vacation look. The expertise needed for its use ranges from no experience to professionalism.

Waxing Strips

Our wax strips are soft yet do not tear easily. They give your skin a silky feel with no irritation and pain after use. We have made them in two sizes:

  • A big size which is 7.9 by 2.6 inches can be used on wide surface areas like the legs.
  • And a small size which is 3.9 by 1.6 inches can be used for the armpits and other small areas.

They are thick and have a good grip, so they do not fall off easily and stay on your body surface till you remove them. Ensure to warm your strip between your hands first because it quickens your depilatory process, taking just a few minutes to achieve smooth skin.

Wood Applicator Sticks

These stick applicators are wooden, made from the finest, and irritant-free wood. They come in a pack in two different sizes for various purposes:

  • The large size measures 5.9 inches long and is effective for areas with more surface area such as the legs and arms.
  • The small has a length of 3.5 inches and works best for smaller delicate areas like the eyebrows, upper lip, and nose. 

They are delicate yet firm and are effective in applying soft and hard depilation wax on any part of the body. They seamlessly slide through your skin without breaking or pressure and are poor conductors of heat, unlike metal applicators. 

These wax applicator sticks are very much affordable, convenient, and disposable, so you don't dip your stick applicator twice into wax. Therefore, maintaining sanitary conditions, and reducing the risk of infections.

Perhaps you may have searched the internet for 'waxing applicator sticks and strips near me' but searched no further. Our depilatory products can be shipped to any location of your choice.

Buy Bella Verde's waxing stick applicator today and try it for your depilatory waxing session to give you a perfect look.