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Classic wax "Lavender"

Classic wax "Lavender"

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Hard Lavender Wax Beads for Hair Removal 
Wax Beans 2.2lb 

Gone are the days when waxing used to be a harrowing ordeal. Bid goodbye to painful grooming days and welcome easy, no tweeze classic wax with our lavender wax beads. Whether it is a classic bikini wax or a painless classic wax, you can now count on smooth, hair-free skin with our product.
With our waxing beads at home, mommies can have a quick grooming session any time. Why rush to the spas when you have a load of other chores to handle? Our waxing beads will have you red-carpet ready in a matter of minutes at home.

The classic wax lavender promises luxurious silky skin effortlessly without enduring excruciating pain for exorbitant bills. Our new formula promises wholly natural ingredients that ensure the hair removal process is as painless as can be.

The lavender extracts further nourish and pamper your skin till it feels silk-like smooth and soft. Why settle for shaving when it doesn't even give you half the softness and silky skin that our versatile products give you?

Our versatile hard lavender wax beads are perfect for all skin types and equally effective on all body parts. Moreover, men too will find our product super effective in removing even the thickest hair without any problem.

Product highlights include:
- Produces a gentle skin sensation with the all-new wax formula.
- Promises a painless experience with the high-quality depilatory hot wax.
- The wax beads are highly versatile and perfect for upper lip, nose, eyebrow, facial area, Brazilian and bikini, underarms, and leg depilation.
- Our versatile, hard wax beads featuring lavender are an ideal option for men's classic wax.
- These beads guarantee a flawless performance for depilation and deep bikini waxing.
- The hard wax beans are ultra-convenient, giving students a hassle-free waxing option at home when having pressing assignments to complete.
- Our product guarantees a spa-like performance at only a fraction of the cost of a high-grade spa.

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