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Wax Warmer With a Manual Temperature Control

Wax Warmer With a Manual Temperature Control

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At Bella Verde, we want to ensure everyone has access to products that make them feel confident and gorgeous. We leverage on creative manufacturing techniques to produce unique electric wax warmers for hair removal used by men and women.
This hard wax warmer offers different temperature settings to suit everyone’s needs, from the softest warmth for the most delicate skin to the hottest for the most hardened waxes.


The blue Bella Verde wax warmer with a manual temperature control is the ideal hard wax warmer. It has a translucent, break-resistant lid that prevents wax contamination. This blue mini wax warmer is lightweight, compact, durable and has a heat up time of ten minutes. It has a sensitive 360 ̊ heating coil that allows for rapid wax meltdown. The diffusing vent on the lid prevents overheating and releases scents as the wax melts.

What temperature should warm wax be used at?

The correct working temperature to be maintained is between 125-160 ̊F (52-71 ̊C). Insert a spatula to ensure the right consistency has been reached. Do this by twirling the spatula and ensuring there’s no drip at least 3 seconds after picking up. The working temperature for warm wax varies depending on the kind of wax. Soft waxes are used at 30-40 ̊C while hard waxes are usually applied at 37-45 ̊C.
Order your easy-to-use blue electric wax warmer online now and start enjoying the best waxing experience possible.

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