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The Vibrant Allure of Bella Verde's Hard Green Wax

Celebrate the tropical allure of Bella Verde's Elastic Wax 'Mango Festival'. A vibrant choice for a smooth, hair-free finish.

The Vibrant Allure of Bella Verde's Hard Green Wax

In the colorful spectrum of waxing products, Bella Verde introduces a hue that's not just visually appealing but also packed with natural goodness. Dive into the world of our Elastic Wax 'Mango Festival' - a hard green wax that's as effective as it is vibrant.

The Magic of 'Mango Festival'

Mangoes are synonymous with tropical delight, and our Elastic Wax 'Mango Festival' encapsulates this essence. This hard green wax is a blend of nature's best, promising a waxing experience that's both gentle and thorough.

Why 'Mango Festival' Stands Out

  • Tropical Goodness: Infused with the essence of mangoes, this wax offers a refreshing waxing experience.

  • Elasticity at its Best: The elastic nature ensures the wax stretches well, gripping every hair strand effectively.

  • Natural Ingredients: Embracing the best of nature, 'Mango Festival' is gentle on the skin, making it suitable for all types.

A Festival for Your Skin

Using the Elastic Wax 'Mango Festival' is akin to treating your skin to a tropical festival. The vibrant green hue, combined with the natural mango essence, makes every waxing session a delightful experience.


With Bella Verde's Elastic Wax 'Mango Festival', you're not just choosing a wax; you're opting for a vibrant, nature-inspired beauty ritual that promises lasting results.

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