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Face Hard Wax: The Gentle Revolution with Transparent Odorless Wax "Pure Crystal"

Discover the gentle touch of face hard wax with Bella Verde's Transparent Odorless Wax 'Pure Crystal'. Tailored for the delicate facial skin, this wax promises effective hair removal without the...

Face Hard Wax: The Gentle Revolution with Transparent Odorless Wax "Pure Crystal"

Facial waxing is a delicate procedure. The skin on our face is more sensitive than other parts of the body, making the choice of wax crucial. Enter the world of face hard wax, a method that's gaining popularity for its gentle yet effective results.

Why Face Hard Wax?

Face hard wax adheres only to the hair and not the skin, ensuring a less painful experience. It's perfect for the delicate areas of the face, such as the eyebrows, upper lip, and chin. The results? Smooth, hair-free skin without the redness or irritation.

Introducing Transparent Odorless Wax "Pure Crystal"

For those who prioritize both effectiveness and skin health, Transparent Odorless Wax "Pure Crystal" by Bella Verde is a revelation. This hard wax is free from artificial colors and fragrances, ensuring a gentle experience even for the most sensitive skin.

Benefits of Using Transparent Odorless Wax "Pure Crystal"

  • Gentle on Sensitive Skin: Specifically designed for facial use, this wax ensures minimal irritation, making it perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive ones.

  • Effective Hair Removal: Achieve salon-like results at home. This wax ensures thorough hair removal, leaving your face smooth and radiant.

  • Natural Ingredients: Free from artificial colors and fragrances, this wax is as close to nature as it gets, ensuring a safe waxing experience.

  • Cost-Effective: Get professional results without the salon price tag. This product offers spa-grade performance at a fraction of the cost.

How to Use

Melt the Transparent Odorless Wax "Pure Crystal" beads in a wax warmer until they achieve a honey-like consistency. Ensure your face is clean and dry. Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth and allow it to cool and harden. Once solidified, remove the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth. Enjoy your smooth, hair-free face!


Facial waxing doesn't have to be a daunting task. With the right products, like the Transparent Odorless Wax "Pure Crystal", it can be a breeze. Embrace the gentle revolution of face hard wax and experience the Bella Verde difference.

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