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Wax Warmer With an Advanced LED Display

Wax Warmer With an Advanced LED Display

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Black wax warmer with advanced LED display

Do you have trouble keeping your electric wax warmer on track? Bella Verde has the solution! Experience the ease of a timed wax warmer with our new electric wax warmer with an advanced LED display that will keep you on track day or night. Experience a calming and blissful grooming process with this unique black LED wax melt warmer. This sophisticated wax warmer with timer makes it easy to see the warm wax temperature, and lets you stay in control of your waxing process.


This black LED wax warmer is suitable for professionals and the everyday Joe. Its legible LED display makes it easy to see the temperature level.

It’s portable, durable and can fit in nicely anywhere in your home. It has a translucent, break-resistant plastic lid that prevents wax contamination. On the lid is a diffusing vent that prevents overheating and releases scents as the wax melts.

This smart LED wax warmer also has a rapid heating feature (usually about 10 minutes). Just press the solid or canned button of this heater to automatically melt the wax.

Cleaning is also super easy with its non-stick coating pot. A professional wax container cleaner is all you need to clean the high-grade aluminium pot after use.

Why this product?

• Our cute LED wax melt warmer is the perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife as it offers them unparalleled grooming benefits.

• It has an impressive memory function as it stores the temperature of the wax used in the previous session to the next one. Thus, there’s no need to reset the temperature.

• The shell material is wear-resistant, the pot coating is non-stick and it has a handle, making it easy to carry during use.

• We offer the cheapest wax warmer with LED functions and can guarantee your utmost satisfaction with our products.

Looking for a satisfactory spa experience near me? Don’t waste another minute – get our wax warmer with advanced LED display now!

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